Krishna was born in Mathura and we are inspired by the story year after year. Later, Krishna married several wives and perhaps divorced some. Thus we have bring Him down to our own level and think that we are not as bad as Krishna. This was the idea for a very long time. Perhaps this is the superficial meaning of the story and it has become a slogan for the cheap missionaries to be blasphemous on Hinduism.

     The significance of this story is very great. Hinduism accepts no history to be worth remembering. All history which Hinduism accepts is only His Story. This History is clouded in mystery, for it is but my story. Actually there is no mystery in History. Everything is so very scientific and logical. The seeming mystery has been explained to be always MY-story. Because He is Me and I am He. "The Son and the Father are one" says the Bible. Thus from History it happens to be, on enquiry, a revelation of my story. It gives a straight answer to the question "Who am I?"

     When Vyasa wrote the Puranas, he was not writing any story of Krishna. We do not want any story in Puranas. Vyasa wrote not for hte sake of mere writing. He was a great student of Knowledge, a master of the Vedas. He was a realized Soul. He complied the Vedas into four parts and then wrote the Brahama-Sutras. These were not useful to the ordinary folks. They could not comprehend the power behind the body, mind and intellect which gave these glow-of-life. So he wrote a figurative narration in the form of the Puranas. Thus from birth to death, the narration of Krishna was not a story.

     There is a Higher Power pulsating in us. It is the light of intelligence. It illumines the thought and feeling in us. 'I am happy'; I am aware of ideas'. The light illuminating all these faculties, is one and the same in all. It is represent as Sri Krishna. Krishna is Infinite Wisdom. He came forth for the first time in the world in the thick jungles of the Himalayas. He was born in the prison. That prison is the bosom of the Rishi, who were contemplating on the mysterious problem of Life. We know that scientific Truths are discovered in the quite caves of the rare Intellectuals. Rishis were contemplating on the great Goal of Life the Purpose of Life. Man is not born to die away as the donkey or the pig. Man has a better purpose in life. The Rishis in the quiet silence of the Himalayas rediscovered the Truth.

     Krishna is Truth. He was born in the quite heart-caves of the Rishis. Those Rishis gradually transmitted their knowledge to their disciples. Thus Krishna was removed from the prison to Yasoda's house - the disciple's heart. There is no pain in this unique delivery. The guru gives the child without the agony of labor pains. While we are sleeping in fatigue and exhaustion, wearied in production and destruction, we know not, that there is born baby, called Knowledge-Krishna-in out bosom. Engaged perpetually in procuring. Keeping and spending, we are fatigued; then in deep sleep of midnight, the child is born. The senses are the gate-keepers who slept-off when Krishna was born in the prison.